Fourth Meditation: Moving the Index

Now that we have denied our minds ability to wander and can think about how amazing it is to be floating in our breath energy and then activate this energy on any part of the body (including the nether bits) making your finger glow, just by thinking of it and immediately getting a response—we will build upon this.

Once you return to the state of the third meditation and you can concentrate on your opposite finger. I want you to think about a physical pathway or map to follow around the body activating only the spot right next to where you are. One by one move to the next section of the finger until you get to the base of the hand, can you think about moving up until the tip of the neighboring finger is glowing? Keep up this movement and exploration of the energy. The goal is to slowly move this energy around the entire surface structure of the body.

This is like a game of etch-a-sketch trying to determine how exactly to move the pointer to draw, there are more knobs than two. This game is drawing us an outline of our body to energy and control map state chart so we can move around the mind easier.

Index = Energy activated point = Chi.

Third Meditation: The Reverse Lookup

Like before, first enter the first meditation focusing on your breathe only being. Once you feel the absorption of breath from your focused thought expand the focus to one other point on your body, such as your right index finger.

Think only of the sensation of the breath and the intense thought of only the body part you decided upon. During this meditation only focus on the breath and one other part of the body intensely. You should start to notice the feeling of attention releasing chemicals or a warm fuzzy response. Once you feel a definite feedback, immediately choose a different body part to focus on so you can train this elevated body awareness.

Continue for as long as you like enabling and then disabling a point on your body. This can be used to turn off an itch or pain upon thinking about the location of disturbance and then deciding to focus elsewhere.

Second Meditation: Index All Thought

Once you know the feeling of being enveloped inside your breath from the first meditation spend the time to re-enter this breath only being state.

Once you focus on the breath you will find yourself suddenly pulled from your focus thinking about something, smelling something or another sense or memory you can notice.

Our goal will be to return to the focus immediately upon noticing you had drifted while creating a table of the distraction gaping some disconnect every time in exchange for the effort.

“feel itch right pinky”
“strawberry smell”
“car parking outside”

Every time you find yourself away from the breath simply return by making the observation of what pulled you away. These first two steps are the most important as they are building the thought focus required to continue to dive into the constructs of the mind.

This process can also be used to keep track of exterior vs interior triggers creating an abstract mental image of the room you are meditating in and the mental world within. If you decide to keep track of them make sure to move on quickly and as non-judge mentally as you can so you do not dwell on any concept, but just quickly note it.

There is no wrong way to perform this exercise and no wrong system to use. We could call this meditation, introspection, vipassana, deep focus prayer as well as others. It is the mind power used and concentration spent that will allow you to help yourself. The only person who can currently do the work is you.

The result of this meditation is quicker memory recall and less distractions that pull you away from the task at hand, a noticing and curbing of anxiety. Some will say that knowing how you are made brings more anxiety but who is afraid of their nature.

For a better experience try to find a calm and relaxing place your the most comfortable in. I enjoy forests and deserts which I already spend much time waiting for light. This is like meditation, closing your eyes expecting something to happen, but when you finally relax it does.

First Meditation: Breath Only Being

If you focus on only your breath you will start to feel your body becoming energy or electric impulses only.

It takes unswerving mindfulness and dedicated practice but once you understand this zero or zen point in mind, the access hole is easier to jump through. All other steps in meditation require this first jump.

If you have too many distractions to start you could try the auto-meditation binaural audio file which helps expose this state of mind.

Sit down and with only your own thoughts to distract you try and close your eyes and focus only on the feeling of the breath entering the nose. Once you start to notice this feeling of air enter the nose continue to follow it everywhere you can feel it being absorbed in your body. Do not feel distracted or unable to perform this task, the act of breathing is success.

Once you feel yourself being pulled away from the breath just quickly return to feeling the breath, there is no wrong way as long as you know you need to keep focusing on the breath.

Define ‘meditation’

If I translate meditation into plain English it will take me four years, and so it has.

Meditation is a workout of the mind and through exercise of this concentrated focus it will become our joystick of control throughout all systems encountered upon closing your eyes and relaxing.

Upon extended practice the very exercise you work will be installed as a permanent fuse; joining your left and right perception to build an observer in full awareness mode of all systems in the body and mind buzzing about just beyond the standard adult perception.

How few words it takes to distract the world from self.

Afterwards we understand

To get to the body harmonics that control our systems this bin-aural audio file helps even those who don’t like meditating to focus and see this inner  communication system, often leaving these systems enabled after the song has stopped; identifying anxiety and distractions to focus your mind on the silence. The noise is only noise when it is not a signal that you can run at the speed and impression you want.

For best results use a proper stereo setup or headphones.