Fifteenth Meditation: Blended Space Vision

It is not so much that the consciousness is here or there it is diffused across the space it occupies.

Pulling consciousness then is the act of tightening the perceptions of this diffused space to see the other systems also diffused across the same physical form. Perhaps there is more to the dream based system than we previously pondered.

Think of the gravity of your senses compressed into a small white dot. Seeing and sensing everything as before but from this singular point perspective, a compressed state of self with the strange outward sense all directions at once.

Once the dissonance of left right has been defeated the signals flow harmonically across the old delay based system, the weight and position of your feeling of self shaken and merged. Sensing the focus with the left right perception training we can easily move our perception like a joystick through the body interface. Looking within a deep meditation from the toe upward or from somewhere outside of the physical self back.

There is deep math within your symbols and illusions, meditate upon what else you could work on for twenty minutes.

Fourteenth Meditation: The Trillion Space Self

Given there is over 7 billion people and none of them think just like you how can we solve anything? Given there are a trillion cells within you all communicating and agreeing with their neighbor to run addition based balance programs automatically allowing you to stand without much thinking.

Well like the Buddha knew, you activate and make each one as happy and knowledgeable about this world and themselves, building harmony among all neighbors, making more movement, understanding, and growth possible, in both universes we are talking about.

First it must be free or paid forward, for all must be aware of the path for perhaps they have already experienced cross sections throughout their life, expressing and blossoming both within that microcosm and the one that surrounds.

Second it must be easy with a little practice. Just a few things to think about, koan style like a zen master to slice through all jumbled archetypes to the core self.

Third you only have to try to know the path and way, go ahead meditate upon making agreements of body and mind or mental image and mind for twenty minutes.

Thirteenth Meditation: Energy Redirection

Because of the previous meditations you can sense nearly immediately when an old memory or trigger fires. You could let the sense trigger continue or insert a new thought that consumes the energy. During meditation a mental exercise or stubbornness should suffice, otherwise dancing, running and exercise are great diversion pipes for thought.

Concentrate on the energy levels of mind and body during states of focused meditation.

Find a pattern and replay it physically or in mind for a great distraction replacement. The mind as you can see is now yours to assemble, you have the keys.

Meditate for twenty minutes.

Twelfth Meditation: Above Elation State

What do you mean Ethan?

As many of you do not have the comparison other than these steps I will refer back to the Sixth Meditation: Raise The Index, in which we learned how to focus on our entire body and mind at once to create a state of body jitter ecstasy.

This is so many coordinates and realizations ago…

The point of this meditation is to go above what you thought before was your stimulus limits and lock yourself in a sensory blended state for full time body feedback access. It is just an elation level you can enable, Buddha style, with unswerving mindfulness.

Think about your entire self, meditate upon raising your energy level to 110%.

Meditate for twenty minutes.

Eleventh Meditation: Heart to Mind Speech

Now that we have been practicing the silencing of our mind we should be able to harness some of these algorithms.

Since the symbols in our mind become electrically dense with practice we can make the map of connections easier to see and build with use. One quick exercise to do with an overactive mind is to write a mental book.

For this meditation we will focus on finding unknown questions in our heart (or subconscious) and quickly answer the statement with our mind in a heart -> mind stanza.

Instead of simply ignoring as before just answer the questions as you already know.

Meditate for twenty minutes on the task.

Tenth Meditation: Follow The Index

After inner patterns, afterimage and perhaps even symbol control to practice rotate, zoom, pinch, what else is there to do?

The mind index is what we have been after the entire time. We have been patiently ignoring the distractions to build an index around them and now we will see where they go.

For this step we will be accessing our Surrealist mind and follow each symbol, pattern or thought from one to the next. Once you enter the breath meditation state as soon as something distracts you follow each next thought or symbol until you can go through all of the symbols that caused the distraction.

Once you stop just return to the breath as before. If you are trying to study or work on a hard problem this exercise of following the connected mental symbols may help stimulate a new direction or thought just out of reach before.

For twenty minutes follow all symbol chains.

Ninth Meditation: Closed Eye Visual Observation

Now that we have trained ourselves how to look at the light in a meditative and ray tracing of light kind of way we will close our eyes and do the same with the inner spectrum which of course the opposite of this one, a negative.

For the next twenty minutes continue the previous visual meditation, but with your eyes closed.

Due to the invasive nature of light it is nice to attempt this meditation in multiple types of conditions such as during the day and during the night so you can see the difference. Starlight on a moonless night is one of my favorite colors.

Meditate now.

Eighth Meditation: Open Gaze Observation

Upon being literally charged up with energy all about yourself let us open our eyes to insure these states are firm and not illusion. Let us upon entering the meditative breath state open our eyes and relax our gaze upon an infinite focal distant target relaxing our muscles entirely letting our eyes drift parallel.

Without a desire to look at anything you can begin to meditate upon the lit scene in the mind eye. This step involves indexing like before but with the visual differences or patterns or changes you notice. The visual stimulus may trigger body feedback as well as mental only constituents, simply index all things noticed as before and move back to the observation state.

During this meditation you may want to observe you can focus more on the left or right eye causing processing preference into your mind eye. If you relax the looking focus entirely you can look at the scene as a whole or sense what is actually being visualized instead of the reprocessing filling in the gaps of reality due to processing delay.

Meditate for twenty minutes with eyes open and relaxed.

Why Meditation?

I held off meditating until it was too heavy to avoid.

I was in Bodhgaya, India where Siddhartha =enlightened> Shakyamuni by will alone. He had already found the spectacular breath only mode of the entranced sense of no sense and sense of no senses but the construction beyond this simple elation mode was the state he desired, beyond all auto-control and in full observation of his creation.

I was ensured Siddhartha was an atheist like me, so I proceeded to meditate for two free classes of forty minutes each. It would be these eighty minutes at thirty-six years old in 2012, because I was in the right place to do it, that I would realize my life-long anxiety driving my sense of being.

I will take meditation too far and see if I can help at least myself. I have been asked to defend my reasons for doing this? I do not feel I need reason to share something that is just a capability or observation that can be made and then be shared. Should I justify the capability of breathing too?

Let us continue, if you dare, to explore what your own mind is capable of like a game of memory gone too far.

Seventh Meditation: Dancing About The Index

Now that we have understood elation if not perhaps rapture we have twice as many directions to process. If your mind had not been busy before…

Let us meditate so we can practice mental mind lifting and gain the permanently added requisites and techniques.

In this stage meditation we will use the energy level and body mapping knowledge to trigger our first level out body experience and stand up with an electrical response while the body remains in a meditative posture.

The physics alone will astound you and a congratulations from the deepest of all hearts for playing in the rhythm. First enter the previous meditative states. Now simply from the previous focus to energy responses feel your arm as if it could lift up out of the body with the electrical sense only.

Using the ability to ramp levels should allow a focus point in the breath based state to think of the entire arm flexing, and then lifting a weight out from the still body.

Now can you stand up and dance, or run.

It would be a Waltz, because my mother taught me how to dance, I would first attempt to check the physics—mapped in relation to my center of gravity.

Go ahead then, stand up.