Ethan Killian

Ethan Killian

Humanist · Photographer · Software Engineer · Meditator

Experience and Skills

A computer scientist who mixes photography and code to visualize what I find to be engaging, wise, and forward for all humans.

I have been a photographer ever since I saw my first near-infrared landscape search on the Internet back in 2005. Since then I have passionately targeting my skills to learning everything I could about photography. Formally educated at Weber State University with a degree in Computer Science, my passion for computers and programming started in 1988 when our family got a computer.

I now travel and share what I know, and what I've seen. I love teaching photography and computer science and continue gathering resources and class ideas.

Topics of Interest

  • Near-Infrared Photography: photography with invisible wavelengths of light.
  • Portraiture in Infrared and Ultraviolet: look beyond visible reflection of photons.
  • Near-Infrared and Ultraviolet Photo Processing: looking at unique challenges outside the visible spectrum.
  • Equirectangular Photography: images that represent a 360 degree by 180 degree view.
  • Timelapse Photography: image by image or segmented video, how to setup and run your platform.
  • Website Design: basic HTML5/CSS/Javascript, learn how to present your work.
  • Smugmug Customization: make your photography website work for you.
  • App Development: android and iOS devices are now accessible to more people than traditional computers.
  • Java Programming: the Java programming is the underlying language used by Android and is also multi-platform.
  • C++ Programming: object oriented design, patterns, and the standard template library.
  • Arduino Programming: direct hardware access with software, build robots and tomorrow.

Speaking Opportunities

  • Infrared Photography Talk and Seminar: Lucarno, Switzerland, 2011
  • Art and Science Talk - The Duality of Mind: Honors Department, University of Utah, 2014

Photography Credits and Selections

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I have been sharing value publicly online since 1998. Please help support an open and free Internet, equality in voice is important. Support others in all ways, place much value on others, do not judge for belief or not, we do not know each others reality unless we care to.

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